Monday, December 13, 2010

Winter Park 12.5.10

Winter Park is quite possibly one of the most user friendly ski mountains in the world.  Mary Jane, the second mountain at WP, has enough parking to accommodate the early crowd and the parking is right next to the ski runs.  That means you get lunch at your car with a comfortable place to relax, eat, and split a six pack, then it is right back to the lift.  I went up with Austin and met Mike, Crystal and Brian.  We got some early runs in with great snow.  We charged hard and I got some great footage with my Contour HD helmet camera.
As you can see from the video I got some great perspective shots from mounting the camera onto my ski pole and holding it out in front of me.  This worked really well and gave a different feel with the skier in frame instead of just snow and skis.  It was fun to get the shot on the lift with Austin sitting next to me in the chair.  I am looking forward to editing helmet footage and this ski pole footage together in the future.  Check out my review after the break...

The Contour HD helmet camera is pretty amazing.  The low profile camera with its rotating lens and T-Rail mounting system make is the lightest/smallest fully functioning HD camera on the market.  1080p, 720p, 720p 60 fps, and 960p tall are the formats it shoots in.  It is super intuitive and only has an power on button, on the back of the camera and a slider, on the top, to start/stop recording.
On top of all that it is encased in an aluminum body so it is durable and water resistant.  It is even small enough I can throw it into a pocket while skiing and pull it out when I am ready to use it.  I have used the Epic and Go Pro helmet cameras and for the money this is the very best one.  It is simple but powerful and as you can see, the video is pretty amazing.

Final Say:
The durability, simplicity of use, mounting possibilities and lightweight design all make this camera #1 in my book.


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