Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ouray Ice Festival 2011 - Part 2

The next two days at the Ouray Ice Festival were jam packed!  Ryann and i still had half of the day to ourselves before Mike, Crystal and Jason would get in.  I sent Mike a text message with where we would be for the day and hoped they would be able to find us.

Thursday 1.6.11 - Southpark
As Ryann and i hiked into the park, we realized how crowded it was going to get for the weekend.  We put on our crampons and helmets at the entry to the park and hiked past The Schoolroom, Grad School, New Funtier and finally got to Southpark.  We got a quick WI 2 warm up in and moved around the corner to the end of the ice park.  We were lucky to find the last 5 routes in Southpark empty except for one group of guys that had hung a top rope on a vertical WI 4 with a pillar about halfway up that extended to the top out.  We chatted with the guys and agreed to share the two routes.

We setup on a vertical WI 4 right next to their route and began to climb.  After Ryann and I had both run a lap on it our friends arrived.  They were excited to see we had a route setup already and we were getting ready to hang another one.  They were able to jump right in and get some good climbing in on their first day.  Mike and Crystal both ice climb, but it was Jason's first time.  Being a great rock climber must have helped, because Jason had a perfect day and climbed really well.  We all climbed 3 hard routes that day with the final one having some technical thin ice with multiple roofs.
Ryann on the first WI 4
Mike climbing the first WI 4 with Ryann, Jason and Crystal below
Ryann on the second WI 4 with the pillar
More after the break

Crystal on the techy roof WI 4
Jason on the first WI 4
Me starting the pillar
Mike doing work
Me on the techy roof WI 4
While we were climbing the third route the sun started going down.  It made the light just right for climbing photos!  Overall, it was a gorgeous day and we all decided that going out to dinner and hitting the hot tub after the park was a great idea.  Buen Tiempo is the local Mexican restaurant ($1 bills are stuck all over the ceiling?!?!) and it is a great place to hang out and get food after climbing all day.  Going out to dinner in Ouray is great because you basically keep wearing what you had on ice climbing all day and everyone is alright with it.  My type of town!!!


You guys are top-roping! Your doing nothing but gaping. Why does every frontstranger gummbie think he's got to blog about what a noob he or she is!! God, the mountains are awash in idiots!!

Wow. Sorry you feel that way. I mean i guess you have a point, no one should ever top rope on ice. You can probably read the rest of this site and see that this isn't a "gummbie" site, though that is a cute name. Thanks.

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