Sunday, February 6, 2011

Clear Creek Canyon Ice - 1.9.11

Clear Creek Canyon outside of Golden, CO has a few ice flows.  They rarely come in and stay for a few days at a time, but if the temps are right the ice is pretty awesome.  I had just gotten back from Winter Outdoor Retailer in Salt Lake City, UT and climbing ice was the next thing on the agenda.  I had talked to my friends Austin and Dan and we decided to meet in Clear Creek and climb.

Dan climbing with Austin below
The plan was for me to drive down to Golden and meet up with Austin and Dan in Clear Creek Canyon.  The two of them had gotten up earlier in the morning than me and got up to Silverplume to climb a route there before we all got together.  Coors Lite is an interesting 3 tiered ice route that probably tops out at WI 3.  Nothing super serious, but it is a fun multi pitch route on the Frontrange of Colorado.  The conditions that day (Jan. 16) were pretty wet and thin because of the warm weather, but all three of us had a great time on the two vertical pitches of the climb.  They were both pretty much plastic ice, but it was good to get out after the traveling I had been through.  The first pitch had about 12 feet of vertical ice and then a runout slab for another 20 feet and a couple big steps of vertical ice leading up to the third pitch.  The third pitch was super thin and stepped out so that there were multiple areas where there was no ice at all!  We ran a lap or two on it and descended back to the base.  Once we got down and hiked out we headed into Golden and hit up Bent Gate Mountaineering and got some food at Woody's Wood Fired Pizza.  Bent Gate is always fun to visit.  It is one of the best all around outdoor shops on the Frontrange.  Lots of gear and a lot of "niche" outdoor brands like Mammut and Grivel.  The gear was fun to stare at and we got hungry for some pizza.

Me on the first pitch
Crazy Dan!!!
Austin gettin' sticks
Austin on the second pitch
Dan with the new Black Diamond Fusions

I want to go back and get on that mixed line!!!

Look out soon for more blog posts...


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