Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Copper Mountain - 1.15.11 Video

Brown, Bryan, Austin and Mark
Good old Copper Mountain always offers a lot of terrain and some great snow.  I went up the weekend of January 15th and got in some turns with my friend MIke Brown who just recently moved to San Fransisco.  He loves it out there, but of course Colorado holds a special place in his heart.  He returned to the CO mountains with his family (very extended with cousins and whatnot) and they all rented a house in Dillon, CO for the week.  I headed up there with a couple other friends from the frontrange, Mark and Austin, and we had a great time with Brown and his family.  We drank beer, ate great food and generally made trouble on the mountain.  I even got a Thanksgiving type dinner that Sunday night with huge family style portions and about 10 people at the dinner table!

Brown hittin' the steeps
Mike's Dad (left) and friends

Check out more after the break including a new video!

Everyday we would try and hit some new stashes to show all the folks from Illinois the really good stuff.  Lunch usually took us to Carlo's Pizzeria at the base of Copper, but for $25 you got a pitcher of beer and a large pizza.  Can't beat that at any ski resort!  Everyone had a great time and Mike's family got to hit some great terrain after being in Illinois since their last visit.  It is great to have people visit Colorado and really appreciate the mountains.

So obviously I have a lot of video footage from using my Contour Helmet Camera and I have just started to really dig into the hours of video.  I'm slowly working through it and finding good footage to share.  Here is another video of some snowboarding with Mike from this January weekend.


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