Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Arthur's Rock Bouldering - 6.12.11

Me on Syringe
So back in June a bunch of Frontrange climbers got together for a day of bouldering.  My buddy Mike (check out his blog) decided to coordinate and plan out bouldering days for all our friends to get together and climb.  He called it the Second Sunday Climbing Days.  The Second Sunday of every month, May thru October, one of the climbers would "host" the event. Basically the plan was that the host climber would pick the climbing area, let people sleep at their place if other climbers needed it and plan a night of drinking and hanging out the Saturday before.  It is a great idea to get everyone together.  You could work hard problems with other climbers and with the number of climbers interested we would have plenty of crashpads and spotters for highball boulder problems.

Back in May everyone headed down to Denver and met up for bouldering at Morrison.  I couldn't make it to that Second Sunday, but I was planning on hosting at least two of the outings, one at Carter Lake and one at Arthur's Rock (Lory State Park).  June rolled around and no one had offered to host, so I jumped on it and invited everyone up to Fort Collins for Saturday night drinks and Sunday climbing.  Only one climber made it up from out of town, Austin from Denver, but we had a crew of 9 including myself!  There was a good mix of climbers including my girlfriend Ryann, an old roommate and his girlfriend, my new roommate, friends from the gym, etc.  It was a good, albeit hot day.  We climbed a variety of problems from V2-V6 and tried just about everything we came across.  Check out the pictures...

Here's a sequence of my friend Steve on Syringe.  There were a couple large moves and sharp holds on this problem.  I want to go back and get on it again.
Steve at the start

First big throw
Ryann on Syringe
Austin on a pretty cool V3/4 sloper problem
Toppin' it out
Chase staring down the same problem

Mike Q. and crew on a V7 at the top
of the bouldering area

So that's Arthur's Rock.  I am looking forward to getting out with the Second Sunday crew again in August.  I think we'll probably end up going to the Satellite Boulders, Carter Lake or Chaos Canyon.  In July we went to Lincoln Lake outside of Idaho Springs on the way up Mount Evans.  That was a great day as well.  Post and pictures coming soon.


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