Monday, December 19, 2011

Gear Review - Edelrid Rage Ice Tools

Working in the outdoor industry allows for certain benefits.  As a buyer for an internet retailer it is my responsibility to know about every piece of gear in the outdoor industry I am responsible for buying.  This lets me get some great gear to play with and evaluate.  I recently got a pair of Edelrid Rage ice climbing tools for this purpose.  I wanted to try out a radically aggressive ice/mixed tool and Edelrid had a new weapon that I had seen at the most recent Outdoor Retailer show back in August.  The tool felt great in hand and the weight seemed extremely balanced and had a terrific swing weight as well.  The ergonomics are aggressive and the grip seemed to fit my hand perfectly.  I have been able to get out and use this tool a few times over the last month and I am happy to say it is a pretty good mixed tool.  Edelrid did a great job entering into the new "competition aggressive" ice tool category where the Petzl Ergo and the BD Fusion reside.  It is aggressive, weighted well and feels comfortable whether hooking or swinging.

As far as Edelrid's first foray into technical ice tools goes, they did a pretty good job.  There was good penetration on hard ice and chandelier as well.  Hooking on rock was stellar and camming into cracks was perfect.  The only real drawbacks to these tools are the relatively flimsy feel of the shaft, much like how the BD Reactor feels, and no adjustable grip like what the BD Fusion offers.  I have found this to be pretty important in high end mixed tools because of the different gloves I use and the overall size of my hands.  You can easily look past these small flaws and tweak the tool to your liking.  Splicing tape lets me adjust grips fairly well and almost any tool flexes when cammed.  I have been told the price on these is a big selling point.  They will be coming in well under competitors like the Petzl Nomic and the Black Diamond Fusion.  This should give Edelrid a competitive edge making headway into North America.
Edelrid Rage tools at Loch Vale RMNP  
Final Say:
These tools are extremely nice.  They are well balanced, aggressive and feel good in your hand.  For the money you probably won't find another pair like them.  Not in the USA or anywhere else for that matter...yet!!!


Is it possible you could post a picture of these tools next to BD Fusions, Petzl Nomics Ergos? I would love to see the shape of them in relation to other axes. I am planning on getting a pair of axes and dont know which to get.

I don't have any of those tools. However, i have climbed with them and i have friends with each. The Edelrid Rage tools are basically in between aggressiveness of the Petzl Nomic and Ergo. Does that help at all? I hope it does.

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Hi, I'm very interested in getting myself a pair of these tools, but am a little concerned about the grip size. What size hands do you have, just so that I can compare? Thanks.

Ken. Thanks for the comment and question. To give you an idea i wear Black Diamond Torque gloves (or any of their gloves) in size large. From the bottom of my wrist to the tip of my middle finger is 8 1/2 inches and the length across my knuckles is about 4 inches. These tools are perfect for my hands, but with a bigger glove on (think Punisher or Specialist, etc.) it is a tight squeeze. Still works though. I really only use these for mixed climbing though and generally have my thin gloves on. Hope this helps.

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