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Friday, February 10, 2012

Gear Review - Mammut Castor Pant

The Mammut Castor pant provides ice climbers and mountaineers a good fit, protection from the elements and amazing technology.  These are probably my favorite technical pants ever for ice climbing, back country skiing and general winter excursions.  These pants have welded zippers, thigh vents with snow screens, gaiters with an ankle zipper opening, belt loops for an improved fit and even suspender attachments.

The technology that Mammut put into this pant is also very impressive.  The Schoeller-WB-Formula fabric is incredibly waterproof and windproof and welded zippers add to the wind/waterproof-ness.  Mammut even took care of the inside of the pants with a microfleece lining that gives you a little extra warmth and comfort.  In addition there are two front hand pockets and one back pocket.  Over the knees is a stretch panel that allows freedom of movement on ice routes or while hiking and the Castor pant even incorporates Schoeller-Keprotec on the instep of each pant leg to protect from ski edges and crampon points.

Overall this pant is extremely technical and fits comfortably.  Mammut makes the pant in a regular and long and the fact that they are adjustable at the waist, with a belt or suspenders, makes this pant great for any use.  I think this is actually the best winter activity pant you can buy.  The price isn't super appetizing at $300, but then again, for the best you pay the best.

Final Say:
If you find yourself daydreaming of ice and snow covered mountains, get this pant!!!


I just purchased these pants and will test them out very soon. Mine have welded zippers all around, but the pic on mammut's website shows the vent zips with a cover panel/storm flap. Which is the newer version, do you know? Also, what suspenders have you used or recommend with these pants? I prefer suspenders over belts, and it's great that these pants have both options. Great build quality throughout on these!

I think the flap vents are on the new pants. I have the Mammut suspenders, but can't really use them. I am 6'2" and the suspenders aren't really long enough. Yes, the Castor pant is really the best softshell pant, i think.

Hi there, White-knuckled, thanks for the tip. I don't have a shop near me that sell these things. No luck online either. I'm 5'6" and would probably fit these just fine. Any chance you know where I can get one of these? Or any chance you can pass yours along to another mountaineer if you have no need for them? BTW, great blog you got here. I just stayed up to 2 a.m. reading your entries. Good stuff!

Thanks for the kind words Khang. These are all over the internet from Backcountry to Campsaver. They are on pretty good sales right now too. Just make sure you grab the right waist size. Hope you get a pair as they are definitely the best!

Thanks Bryan. Lol I meant the mammut suspenders. I'm the anonymous guy from the first comment above. I just got the pants and was wondering if you could pass on the suspenders to me if you can't use them. Ty

Oh, gotcha! I have actually already gotten rid of them though. Sorry about that.

Hi and thank you for the review but i have to ask you few more things.
Can you tell me did you use this pants during backcountry skiing? How do they handle it, are they hard and durable enough?

Also, I'd like a tip how good are they in wet snow or rain.

They are great for skiing. They are pretty durable softshell and the knees have stretch panels. There are instep guards for ski edges as well. In wet snow/rain they work fine as long as they do not get soaked. They still perform when soaked, but get a little heavier.

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