Monday, May 14, 2012

Off Season Psych!!!

Here is a pretty cool video of Sam Elias and Emily Harrington ice climbing in Vail, CO.  It is cool to hear the perspective of one of the best women rock climbers on another climbing discipline, ice climbing.  Emily has just taken up ice climbing over the last couple seasons and to hear how she relates to it and how it has affected her is neat.  Her candid emotions about ice climbing and specifically leading are comforting to hear because that is in essence ice climbing.  It is primarily mental and even a seasoned veteran of high end  rock climbing can get the willy's!

Notice how she says she never wants to fall.  That is definitely the first rule of ice climbing.
Can't wait for next season!!!


ان الرشيد تقدم افضل الخدمات الحديثة التى تعمل على تحسين خدمات نقل العفش المتميز لتسهل على العميل اعمال
نقل عفش الكويتالتى يحتاجها ونقدمها باسعار متميزة ومتطورة اتصل بنا الان للحصول على افضل الخدمات لاننا

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