Thursday, July 26, 2012

The American Alpine Club

So, first of all I want to say I have been away for too long.  I got married in July and went to a tradeshow in Germany (trip report coming soon), so I have been extremely busy.  I have many posts ready to go though, so look for posts to start publishing in the next few days.

Below is a very cool letter from the Executive Director of the American Alpine Club, Phil Powers.  It is neat to see what the AAC is doing in the USA to preserve classic climbing areas and secure new areas.  The AAC just purchased the Hueco Rock Ranch to make sure that it is around for seasons to come and is run more smoothly for climbers who visit Hueco Tanks.  The benefits of a membership are great as well.  They offer rescue coverage, free book rentals from the library in Golden, CO and many other benefits.

Read below and let me know what you think in the comments.  If you are a member or at least agree with the principles of the AAC go ahead and repost this on Facebook or email friends the quoted letter.

Dear Friends, 
I am, as you know, an active member of the American Alpine Club. 
The AAC has experienced tremendous change recently. The benefits of membership are much better than they were a year ago. We are implementing conservation programs relevant to climbers, we are enabling members to explore their dreams thanks to new grants, and we are keeping each other safe though rescue services.
Being involved with the AAC is fun. You get exceptional value for your dues and you are part of a tight tribe that does relevant work for our unique (and awesome) community. 
Now that the benefits of membership are better than ever, I am personally writing to suggest that you join.
Now is the time. Your dollars will make a difference--and return great benefits. Just this month the AAC purchased the Hueco Rock Ranch. This ensures our fellow climbers from all over the world will always have a comfortable and friendly place to stay while climbing at Hueco Tanks. 
In celebration of the Hueco purchase, everyone who joins on July 26 will receive a commemorative (and free) "IT LIVES," limited-edition AAC t-shirt. More importantly, together we can make July 26 the biggest membership drive in the Club's 110-year history.
If you or your friends (feel free to forward this!) need another reason to be part of America's climbing club, here are some of those benefit improvements I referenced earlier:
  • every member's rescue benefits doubled to $10,000, protecting us when we get hurt in the backcountry
  • climbers of every ability can now access seed money to pursue their dreams with the Live Your Dream Grants
  • members can now get affordable life and accident insurance without riders for adventure sports
  • there are over 100 AAC-only discounts on gear, lodging, and at climbing gyms
  • a new $25,000 grant keeps our climbing areas clean around the country
The Club has invested in staff to be relevant to the issues that face members:
  • five regional coordinators are stationed around the country to support our volunteers at the local level
  • a new Conservation and Advocacy Director delivers the public policy work that climbing needs
  • the AAC has invested in properties that will open THIS YEAR as AAC campgrounds at the New River Gorge and Hueco Tanks. And the Gunks Campground we've been working on for so long is finally about to break ground.
None of these benefits, staff, or AAC campgrounds existed in 2010, and it has taken a lot of work to get here. We have built a whole new Club. Now it is time for every climber to join it, support it, and enjoy it. For a detailed look at what the AAC does, grab a beer or cup of joe and check out the "2012 Guidebook to Membership" online:
To join RIGHT NOW, go here: To get your free t-shirt you MUST join or renew today (7/26)—it's a one-day deal. When you sign up online, enter the appropriate promotion code for your t-shirt size: 
726XS — Extra-Small  
726S — Small
726M — Medium 
726L — Large 
726XL — Extra-Large 
726XXL — Extra Extra Large 
Do me a favor--take a look. Do yourself a favor--join us.
Thanks for reading.


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