Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Hardest Route in the World?!

This is getting out of control!  Sport Climbing has become so focused on getting harder and harder that athletes are putting up new routes weekly that rival even time tested routes like Action Direct or Flex Luthor.  Climbers like Adam Ondra and Chris Sharma are progressing the sport in such a staggering way.  And it is impressive.

I just saw a post on UKClimbing and Climbing about Adam Ondra's new testpiece in Norway.  The climb is in Hanshelleren cave at Flatanger and it looks to be incredibly overhung.  It looks very featured and I would love to visit someday.  The power endurance route is 55 meters and goes from 20 meters of 9a+/b to a 30 meter 9a finish.  Below is a quick clip of Ondra working the route.

Adam Ondra climing in the Flatanger cave in Norway from Ove Magne Ribsskog on Vimeo.

Just recently Reel Rock showed Chris Sharma and Adam Ondra squaring off while working some of the hardest route in the world in Spain, but this is definitely stepping it up.  Can't wait to see video of the full send once he gets it done.


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